Career Pathways for Students

Online Career Exploration Course for High School Students
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Classes begin the first Sunday of each month
Is your teen anxious about making plans for college and careers? It can be challenging as a parent to provide your student with the guidance and support they need to succeed. Without careful career planning, many will have difficulty choosing a college and major that best suits them. Changing majors can waste their time and effort and your money!

This course is designed to help your teen:

  1. 1. develop insight into their own unique personality, interests, skills and values,
  2. 2. explore careers and learn how to gain experience in those fields that will set them up for success
  3. 3. gain clarity about the path they want to take and some clear steps to get there

Over 4 weeks, your teen will complete about 1 1/2 - 2 hours of homework/week and have the option of attending weekly office hours with Amanda via screenshare meeting to discuss homework and ask questions about career and college exploration.

Parents are encouraged to discuss the homework with their students, and a discussion guide will be provided. You will also be emailed a weekly update on your teens progress through the course.